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All information pertaining to the filing and processing of an appeal becomes a matter of public record that is available for public inspection. This includes both general and specific information related to the parties and the subject matter of the appeal.

The Environmental Hearing Board provides this information for public review as the law requires. This is accomplished through allowing public access to legal papers filed with the Board upon request, and by posting the information on our public web site located on the Internet at Filing of materials related to a legal action at the Environmental Hearing Board will result in the information becoming public through these methods. This includes but is not limited to names of persons, addresses, telephone numbers and all other aspects of the public filings that are received. The Board can consider special requests to eliminate this information from inclusion on the public web site on the Internet. These requests shall be filed in writing along with the Notice of Appeal (or at any time for existing cases) and they must include the justification for the request.
This Docket is updated perpetually as new materials are received at the Environmental Hearing Board. The intention is to provide timely, accurate and comprehensive information for public access and use. The Environmental Hearing Board and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania endeavor to maintain this site within these parameters. Due to certain difficulties experienced with electronic conversion of historical case files and the occasional possibility of human or technological error, the accuracy and completeness of information cannot be guaranteed, especially with cases filed before 1998. The Environmental Hearing Board and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania do not therefore represent this electronic docket as complete and accurate. If discrepancies in data are observed, please notify the Board so that proper corrections may be made. This may be accomplished by telephone at 717-787-3483 or by e-mail at A continuing effort will be made to correct deficiencies and to improve the quality and availability of the docketed information offered at this site.
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