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  • Revisions to Rules – Beginning October 22, 2022, new revisions to the Board’s Rules of Practice and Procedure will go into effect. The revised Rules include, among others, 25 Pa. Code §§ 1021.21 (Representation), 1021.32 (Filing), 1021.35 (Date of Service), 1021.53a (Nunc Pro Tunc Appeals), 1021.94a (Summary Judgment Motions), and 1021.131 (Posthearing Briefs). The full revisions can be viewed in the Pennsylvania Bulletin
  • Citizens Guide - The Environmental Hearing Board has posted a Citizens Guide to practice before the Board to provide guidance to individuals representing themselves in matters before the Board. The Guide can be found here or on the Rules, Decisions, and Resources page. The Guide’s templates are available in Word format for ease of use and can be found here or on the Forms page. The Citizens Guide and accompanying templates should not be construed as legal advice.
  • Notice of Appeal Form - The Board has recently reorganized the format of its Notice of Appeal form. The revised form may be found in pdf format here, in Word format here, or on the Forms page. 

    Due to the closure of the Board’s offices during the pandemic, filings mailed or faxed to the Board are not being retrieved by the Board on a daily basis.  This may result in a delay in the docketing of filings with the Board including the docketing of Notices of Appeal.  Persons concerned with issues related to the timely receipt and docketing of filings mailed or faxed to the Board should contact the Board’s Secretary, Christine Walker, at 717-783-4741 or at


    Due to the closing of Pennsylvania state government offices to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, all offices of the Environmental Hearing Board are currently CLOSED. The Board is continuing to operate remotely during this period. We encourage you to electronically file documents, and, where possible, to refrain from mailing or faxing documents to the Board’s Harrisburg office. Requests for extension or adjustments to scheduling may be filed with the Board and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis

  • The Board has developed protocols for scheduling and conducting hearings during the COVID-19 emergency. To review, please see the protocols here.
  • Hearings conducted via WebEx will be livestreamed and can be accessed by the public at the Board’s YouTube Channel.  Specific links to individual live streams will also be posted the morning of each day of hearing.
  • Attorney Fees and Costs:  The Board has developed Interim Guidance on Applications for Attorney Fees and Costs that can be found here: Interim Guidance on Applications for Attorney Fees and Costs.
  • The PA Environmental Hearing Board has set up an official Twitter account as a means of communicating about Board activities. Postings will include notices regarding issuance of Adjudications, Opinions/Orders and Case Termination Orders, as well as general information.  The Board will not be responding to comments or communications submitted to the Twitter account.  The Board’s official Twitter account handle is @PAEnvHearingBd.
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    If you have any questions, please contact the Environmental Hearing Board at 717-787-3483. 

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board (the Board). Established by the Environmental Hearing Board Act, 35 P.S. �� 7511-7516, the Board hears appeals from actions of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The Board holds hearings and issues Adjudications, Opinions, and Orders. Hearings before the Board are similar to non-jury civil trials before Common Pleas Courts or Federal District Courts. Appeals from Board decisions are taken to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. The Board�s Rules of Practice and Procedure appear at 25 Pa. Code Chapter 1021. The Judges of the Board are appointed by the Governor subject to confirmation by the Pennsylvania State Senate.

Judges of the Environmental Hearing Board

Chairman and Chief Judge Thomas W. Renwand
Judge Michelle A. Coleman
Judge Bernard A. Labuskes Jr.
Judge Steven C. Beckman