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Case Number: 2013155



# Filing Date Description Documents (?)
1 08-26-2013 1) Complaint and Application dated August 22, 2013 of Hilcorp Energy Company for Well Spacing Units located in the Northwest corner of Lawrence County and the Southwest corner of Mercer County in Pulaski Township. 2) Attached Burleson Cooke, LLP, check no. 5254 in the amount of $1,000.
2 08-26-2013 Complaint and Application.
3 08-28-2013 PREHEARING ORDER NO. 1-SA: This matter is assigned to the Honorable Thomas W. Renwand for primary handling; and further prehearing orders will be issued when the pleadings are closed.
4 08-28-2013 ORDER: This case is selected for the Board's pilot electronic filing program.
5 08-29-2013 The Dept. is filing Notice of Appearance for Michael A. Braymer and Elizabeth A. Nolan along with a Certificate of Service.
6 09-03-2013 ORDER: Prehearing conference scheduled for September 9, 2013 at 11:00 am at the EHB Pittsburgh office.
7 09-09-2013 Applicant Hilcorp Energy Company's Memorandum of Law regarding the EHB's jurisdiction to hold hearings and issue adjudications under the Oil and Gas Conservation Law
8 09-10-2013 ORDER: The Board is holding a check for $1,000 that was submitted as a filing fee with the Complaint and Special Action filed on August 26, 2013... Appellant shall set forth the basis of the filing fee.
9 09-17-2013 Applicant Hilcorp Energy Company's Letter in Response to the Board's Order to Set Forth the Basis for the Filing Fee
10 09-26-2013 The Dept. is e-filing Answer to Complaint and Application along with Certificate of Service.
11 09-26-2013 The Dept. is e-filing Memorandum of Law along wit Certificate of Service. Appendix A is also enclosed.
12 10-14-2013 Petitioner Hilcorp Energy Company's Proposed Case Management Order
13 10-16-2013 The Dept. is e-fling Response to Hilcorp's Proposed Case Management Orders along with Exhibits A and B. A Certificate of Service is also attached.
14 10-17-2013 Petitioner Hilcorp Energy Company's Response to the Department's Proposed Case Management Order
15 10-24-2013 ORDER: It is ordered: ...8) The Board will issue an Opinion and Order regarding this matter [establishing well spacing and drilling units covering 3,267 acres of the Utica Formation in Lawrence and Mercer counties] on or before November 1, 2013.
16 11-01-2013 ORDER: It is ordered: The Opinion and Order establishing well spacing and drilling units in the Utica Formation should be issued next week.
17 11-20-2013 OPINION AND ORDER DISMISSING HILCORP ENERGY'S SPECIAL ACTION FOR LACK OF JURISDICTION: It is ordered: ...3) The Complaint and Application is dismissed without prejudice. (Concurring opinion of Judge Richard P. Mather, Sr.)
18 11-20-2013 Letter to Attorney Colosimo returning check.
19 05-14-2014 Records transferred to Record Center: EHB Box #1241 - Record Center Box #723050.