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1. Docket Number Search
Enter a case number in the box to the right, then click on the "Search!" button below.
Do not put a dash between the year of decision and the case number. For cases decided before the year 2000, use two digit years. For cases decided in the year 2000, use 4 digit years. Examples: 99124, 2000124.
2. Party Name Search
In the first box below, enter the name (or any part of a name) of a party. The search is not case sensitive (that is, you may use upper or lower case). Also, select the party type for your search (Appellant, Permittee, or Intervenor). Then click on the "Search!" button.

3. Case Details Search
This search will retrieve a list of all EHB cases, filed within a certain date range, filtered on one or all of the following search criteria: Program Area (Subject), Program Type, Presiding Judge, Commonwealth Counsel. To begin, select at least one search criteria. ( Please note that when searching on Commonwealth Counsel it is only necessary to enter a few letters of the name to perform a search.) Then pick a date range. The dates in the range refer to the date on which a case was appealed to the EHB. Click on "Search!" after you have made your selections.
Beginning of Range: Month: Day: Year:
End of Range: Month: Day: Year:
If you do not make a selection in each entry (month, day, year) for the beginning and end of the date range, then no date restriction will be imposed on your search.
4. Text Search
This search will retrieve a list of documents that have document descriptions in the docket sheet that contain a search term you identify (note that this is not a search of the document's text, but rather a search of the descriptions of all the documents as entered by the docket clerks). Enter your search term, then click on "Search!" Your search term can be either a word or a phrase consisting of multiple words. Do not put quotes around the word or phrase. "Boolean" connectors (e.g. and, or, not, etc.) are not permitted. The search is not case sensitive.

You must complete a separate form to search the text of EHB opinions.