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Case Number Case Name Judge Start Date End Date Time Room
2017-033-L Thomas P. Licciardi Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr 01-10-2018 01-11-2018 10:00 Pgh., HR 2014 Piatt
2016-042-M Benner Township Water Authority Richard P. Mather, Sr. 01-22-2018 01-26-2018 9:00 Hbg., Rm. 1
2017-004-L Mountain Watershed Association Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr 01-29-2018 02-05-2018 10:00 Pgh, H.R. 2014 Piatt
2016-148-B Gary Rohanna Steven C. Beckman 02-05-2018 02-05-2018 9:30 Pgh. H.R. 2019 Piatt
2016-148-B Gary Rohanna Steven C. Beckman 02-06-2018 02-06-2018 9:30 Pgh. H.R. 2014 Piatt
2016-148-B Gary Rohanna Steven C. Beckman 02-09-2018 02-09-2018 9:30 Pgh. H.R. 2014 Piatt
2016-015-M David and Margaret Bensinger Richard P. Mather, Sr. 02-20-2018 02-21-2018 9:00 Hbg., Rm. 1
2016-073-L Clean Air Council Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr 03-19-2018 03-23-2018 10:30 Norristown
2016-099-M Robert W. Diehl, Jr., and Melanie Diehl Richard P. Mather, Sr. 03-21-2018 03-22-2018 9:00 Hbg., Rm. 1
2016-127-M Reel Resources, Inc. Richard P. Mather, Sr. 03-27-2018 03-29-2018 9:00 Erie Courtroom
2016-106-L (cons.) Northampton Bucks County Mun Authority Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr 04-16-2018 04-20-2018 10:30 Norristown
2016-086-L PQ Corp Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr 07-16-2018 07-20-2018 10:30 Norristown