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Current Hearing Schedule

Case Number Case Name Judge Start Date End Date Time Room
2013-213-B William Brawand d/b/a Brawand Oil Co. Steven C. Beckman 02-10-2015 02-11-2015 9:30 Erie
2015-001-B Larry Anderson Steven C. Beckman 02-12-2015 02-12-2015 10:00 Pgh. HR 2014 Piatt
2014-038-L Christine Pepper Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr 02-18-2015 02-19-2015 10:00 Hbg., Rm. 1
2014-042-L Richard L. Stedge, et al. Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr 03-09-2015 03-11-2015 10:00 Hbg., Rm. 1
2014-090-B Bryan Whiting and Whiting Roll-Off LLC Steven C. Beckman 03-19-2015 03-20-2015 9:30 Erie
2014-033-B Chris and Amber Paluti Steven C. Beckman 03-24-2015 03-25-2015 9:30 Pgh., HR 2014 Piatt
2014-074-B Thomas Peckham Steven C. Beckman 03-30-2015 03-31-2015 10:00 Erie
2013-185-L Tri-County Landfill Inc. Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr 04-14-2015 04-24-2015 10:00 Erie
2014-151-R Wayne K. Baker Thomas W. Renwand 04-28-2015 04-30-2015 9:40 Pgh., HR 2014 Piatt
2013-123-B (cons.) National Fuel Gas Midstream Steven C. Beckman 05-05-2015 05-08-2015 9:30 Erie
2013-123-B (cons.) National Fuel Gas Midstream Steven C. Beckman 05-12-2015 05-13-2015 9:30 Erie
2014-076-L Bill Barry Excavating, Inc. Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr 05-26-2015 05-28-2015 10:00 Hbg., Rm. 1