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Case Number: 2012030
Appellant #1: MARGARET HENRY



CONSOLIDATION NOTICE -- This case has been consolidated into case 2012030 Click on the case number to view the docket sheet from that case.

# Filing Date Description Documents (?)
1 02-27-2012 Appeal of the Department's December 27, 2011 issuance of Well Permit No. 37-073-20351-00 to Swepi LP for the Kephart well site located in North Beaver Township, Lawrence County. (fax)
2 02-28-2012 PREHEARING ORDER NO. 1: Discovery completed by August 28, 2012; dispositive motions filed by September 26, 2012.
3 02-28-2012 ORDER: For perfection of appeal, Appellant has not supplied all of the information required and shall file on or before March 19, 2012 the following information: 1)Date you received notice of action; 2) Proof of service that NOA was served upon: a)Office of Chief Counsel; b) Officer of the Department; and c) Recipient of permit. Amendment as of right expires March 19, 2012.
4 02-29-2012 Appeal of the Department's December 27, 2011 issuance of Well Permit No. 37-073-20351-00 to Swepi LP for the Kephart well site located in North Beaver Township, Lawrence County. (hard)
5 02-29-2012 Notice of appeal.
6 03-19-2012 Appellant's response to the Board's Order dated February 28, 2012 perfecting appeal. Appeal perfected.
7 03-19-2012 ORDER: This appeal is hereby deemed perfected without prejudice to the right of any party to challenge this finding of perfection by filing an appropriate motion.
8 03-20-2012 The Dept. is E-filing a Notice of Appearance for Nicole M. Rodrigues and Angela N. Erde and a Certificate of Service.
9 04-05-2012 Notice of Appearance filed on behalf of [Permittee, SWEPI]: Jean M. Mosites, Esquire and Kevin Garber, Esquire, with Babst Calland Clements and Zomnir, Pittsburgh.
10 06-14-2012 Notice of Appearance filed on behalf of [Appellant, Margaret Henry] - Oday Salim, Esquire and Emily A. Collins, Esquire, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.
11 07-16-2012 Appellant Henry's Motion To Amend Notice Of Appeal, accompanying memorandum of law, verification, proposed order, and certificate of service
12 07-24-2012 Appellant Henry's Motion To Consolidate Appeals and for Modification of Deadlines, with accompanying proposed order and certificate of service. (e-file)
13 07-27-2012 Appellant Henry's Application For Temporary Supersedeas, with certificate of service.(e-file)
14 07-30-2012 ORDER: Parties shall participate in a conference call on July 30, 2012 at 3:00 pm.
15 07-30-2012 SWEPI, LP and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Joint Opposition to Petitioner's Application for Temporary Supersedeas (e-file only)
16 07-30-2012 The Department is only e-filing a letter in response to Margaret Henry Motion to Amend Appeal. (e-file)
17 07-31-2012 ORDER: Supersedeas hearing scheduled for August 8, 2012 at 9:30 at the Pittsburgh EHB location, Courtroom 2014, Piatt Place, 301 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. (Adelman Reporters)
18 07-31-2012 ORDER: Appeals docketed at 2012-030-M and 2012-133-M are hereby consolidated at 2012-030-M. Pre-hearing deadlines established in 2012-133-M shall apply to the consolidated appeal.
19 08-03-2012 OPINION AND ORDER ON APPELLANT'S MOTION TO AMEND: The Appellant's motion to amend notice of appeal is granted.
20 08-06-2012 ORDER: Telephone conference scheduled for August 6, 2012 at 3:00 pm.
21 08-06-2012 ORDER: Hearing on petition for supersedeas is rescheduled to begin on August 13, 2012 at 10:00 am. (Adelman Reporters)
22 08-10-2012 Appellant Henry's Withdrawal Of Appeals. (e-file)
23 08-10-2012 ORDER: Appeals withdrawn closed and discontinued. Hearing scheduled for August 13, 2012 is cancelled. (Adelman Reporters)
24 05-31-2013 Records transferred to Record Center: EHB Box #1186 - Record Center Box #687147.