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Case Number: 2015080
Appellant #1: ELAINE MAMRAK
Appellant #2: DAVID MAMRAK
Appellant #3: THOMAS N CHURCH



# Filing Date Description Documents (?)
1 06-08-2015 Notice of Appeal Air Quality Plan Approval 48-00001A issued to Columbia Gas Transmission LLC for Easton Compressor Station
2 06-09-2015 PREHEARING ORDER NO. 1: Discovery completed by December 7, 2015; joint statement regarding settlement conference July 29, 2015; dispositive motions filed by January 5, 2016.
3 06-23-2015 NOTICE OF APPEARANCE: On behalf of [Permittee] David Loring, Esquire, Chicago, Il.
4 06-23-2015 Petition of Appellee Columbia Gas Transmission for Counsel to Appear Pro Hac Vice
5 07-08-2015 ORDER: It is ordered that attorney Daniel Deeb is permitted to appear pro hac vice for Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC.
6 07-15-2015 NOTICE OF APPEARANCE: On behalf of the [Department] Sean Robbins, Office of Chief Counsel, Northeast Region, Wilkes-Barre.
7 07-29-2015 Parties Joint Status Report on Settlement Meeting
8 08-10-2015 Joint Report on Electronic Discovery
9 08-11-2015 ORDER: The filing is approved as the Electronic Discovery Plan for this case and all parties shall comply with its provisions.
10 11-16-2015 Joint request to extend deadlines
11 11-17-2015 ORDER: It is ordered: Discovery shall be completed by February 5, 2016; Dispositive motions shall be filed by March 7, 2016.
12 01-21-2016 Joint Letter Request for Extension of Discovery and Dispositive Motion Deadlines
13 01-22-2016 ORDER: 1) Discovery shall be completed by April 21, 2016. 2) Dispositive motions shall be completed by May 23, 2016.
14 04-12-2016 Joint Request for Extension
15 04-13-2016 ORDER: 1) Discovery by June 6, 2016. 2) Dispositive motions by July 7, 2016.
16 06-13-2016 Praecipe to Withdraw Appellant Joe Guest
17 06-13-2016 ORDER: It is hereby ordered that Joe Guest may withdraw as an appellant.
18 07-01-2016 Request to Extend Deadline for Dispositive Motions
19 07-06-2016 ORDER: Any dispositive motions filed by July 15, 2016.
20 07-15-2016 Appellants Summary Judgment Package
21 08-10-2016 Joint Request for Extension of Time to File Response to Appellants' Motion for Summary Judgement
22 08-10-2016 ORDER: The deadline to file a response to the Appellants' Motion for Summary Judgment is Tuesday, August 23, 2016.
23 08-23-2016 Columbia Gas Transmission LLC's Response Package to Appellants' Motion for Summary Judgment
24 08-23-2016 DEP's Response to Appellants' Motion for Summary Judgment
25 09-07-2016 Appellants' Reply Brief
26 09-16-2016 ORDER: The Appellants' motion for summary judgment is denied.
27 09-30-2016 PRE-HEARING ORDER NO. 2: Hearing beginning immediately after the conclusion of the hearing in Snyder, et al. v. DEP and Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC, EHB Docket No. 2015-027-L at the EHB Harrisburg offices. (The hearing in Snyder is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. on March 13, 2017.)(Commonwealth Reporting Co., Inc.) 1) Appellants' pre-hearing memo due by Tuesday, January 24, 2017; 2) Department's and Permittee's pre-hearing memos due by Friday, February 17, 2017. 3) Factual stipulations must be filed with the Board 5 days before hearing date.
28 01-06-2017 Appellants' Praecipe to Withdraw Notice of Appeal
29 01-10-2017 ORDER: Appeal withdrawn closed and discontinued. The hearing scheduled to begin the week of March 13, 2017 is cancelled.
30 11-20-2017 Records transferred to Record Center: EHB Box #1293 - Record Center Box #806284